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Avaya Partner ACS Single Line Telephones

In addition to Avaya Partner Telephone System Phones, the Avaya Partner telephone system can also work with any Industry standard touch tone or rotary dial telephone. Standard Cordless and Analog Feature Phones will connect to and Avaya Partner Telephone Systems without any adapters or extra modules or telephone system cards. The same modules that operate the Avaya Partner Business phones will also enable Standard Analog telephones. Analog Phones can do many of the functions as Partner System telephones and will perform well in many positions. The office lobby warehouse, stock room, almost any position where telephone duties is limited to outbound calling and inbound calls are processed through a receptionist or Voice Mail Auto Attendant. Single Line Analog phones can be connected to a Partner Telephone System Jack or to the AUX port located on the Partner Telephone. To use system features with a Single line analog phone use the # key on the phone’s dial pad since the analog phone does not have the feature key as the Partner System has. Upon lifting the handset of the Analog phone you will be connected to the Partner System Intercom allowing connection to other telephones on the Partner Telephone System, allowing the users of the Analog telephone to enter a Partner extension or Group Number to reach coworkers. Analog Telephones can be assigned to Voice Mail the same as other Partner System Phones, dialing 777 from the analog phone intercom line allows Voice Mail retrieval. To place an outside call lift the handset and dial 9. To answer a ringing call simply lift the handset of the analog phone and say hello. Avaya Partner ACS systems Program Code # 316 can be set to allow call waiting for and Analog Phone in an Avaya Partner ACS Telephone System. Use the Analog telephone Switch Hook or if the Phone is equipped with a flash button you can use the flash button to Place calls on Hold, Park a telephone Call, Transfer a Phone Call, Answer a Call waiting Call, set up a Conference Call, if the Analog Phone has a Message Waiting Light, it can be used by the Voice Mail System to notify you when you have messages in your Voice Mail Box. Cordless Analog telephones of course adds to mobility around the office and warehouses, with all the telephone line accessibility of a Partner Telephone System’s telephone. Along with  access to many of the features provided with the Avaya Partner ACS business telephone system. Other Analog devices may connect to the Aux jack on Avaya Partner Telephones as well as the Analog desk or cordless telephones, those devices may include Fax Machines, Credit Card Machines, and Answering Machines. These devices do not work independent of the Avaya Partner Telephone System when installed in this manner but rather works as an extension sharing the same extension number of the telephone which where it has be attached to. With an device such as an fax machine the fax should only be used for sending faxes only, the ring of the fax should be turned off. Since Credit Card machines are only used as outbound call a credit card device would work ok. Answering machines would work fine since the purpose of the machine is to answer telephone calls. Spare extensions located on the Avaya Partner will work well, however a telephone jack must be installed to extend the extension to the proper location for the fax machine, Avaya Partner Program Code # 601 to enable the Partner Extension to handle inbound fax calls, as the Avaya Partner Telephone System will allow the use of a Telephone line to route calls to the fax machine in only in cases when the call is actually from a fax machine.