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Lucent Merlin Legend Telephone Systems Repair, Troubleshooting 2

Page two of our repair and troubleshooting tips for the AT&T and Lucent Merlin Legend telephone systems covers repair issues that may occur with a single or group of Lucent Merlin Legend phones.
To begin, Merlin Legend has the capacity for 200 Lucent MLX telephones and should a single phone become a repair issue the most likely cause originate with the cable, jacks and the device. However there are telephone systems repair issues that can arise from the Merlin Legend control cabinets. The main cabinet or expansion cabinets, expansion modules, power units and telephone lines. These problems will usually affect more than a single Merlin Legend telephone, yet it could happen.

Troubleshooting procedure for a single Merlin Legend MLX telephone

Check the Phone by exchanges the non working phone with a known working telephone of the same Merlin Legend MLX model. Make sure the exchange includes line cords, as well as hand set cords.

All MLX telephone systems jacks are the same and most of the function of two different models should work with jacks installed for a different model. Programming may be different and might cause confusion. Using the same model of Phone will import the same features and programming from the telephone system.

If you know the telephone system port location of the control cabinet, directly connecting the telephone to it’s extension port would eliminate or confirm a cable repair issue.


If the problem is with the telephone set, the best repair method would be to replace the telephone, or if possible replace the component of the phone, cord, handset, etc.

If the repair problem exist with the telephone system port, moving the cable at the phone system carrier may resolve the problem, of course the extension number will be changed, however if you are familiar with programming of the Merlin Legend you will be able to make changes in system programming to restore the values of the old port to the new port. The quickest method would be to use extension copy moving the values to the new port.  


Lucent Merlin Legend Expansion Carrier

Merlin Legend Map

Knowing the physical location of each telephone extension in a Lucent Merlin Legend telephone system gives an advantage in troubleshooting the telephone system should a need for repair occur. Knowing which port a particular is connected to will save time when troubleshooting telephones. To make a map or chart you will simply make a two column list label on column port number and the second column telephone extensions. Take a Merlin Legend MLX telephone to the Control Unit disconnect the first extension briefly and insert the telephone you are using to identify the telephone extension connected to that port. Press intercom and dial (Feature 00) the telephone display will give the extension number assigned to the Port. Do this for each extension port on the telephone system and in the future you will be able to identify where each telephone connects to the Lucent Merlin Legend telephone System. AT&T and Lucent Merlin Legend telephone systems ports are Installed from Merlin Legend MLX 408 expansion modules and MLX 008 expansion modules . The eight jacks located at the bottom of the 408 modules are the ports for MLX telephone extensions the four top jacks are for the four telephone lines the module supports. The count starts from the left as the first slot of the main control carrier and continues right with the next MLX 408 or MLX 008 module. Ports of each module is counted from bottom to top.


Port 1           Extension 100

Port 2           Extension 101